New! Magick Au GoGo Course

The Calling

This course offers a deeper connection and with this connection flows divine guidance, and support that will help you create the reality that your heart desires.  We will unblock channels to tap into the fullest potential of your spiritual connection. It's time to start co-creating your life with the divine. Join me on this journey and unlock the power of the spirit world today.

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What you will get from this course

Reach greater heights and expand your potential through working with the divine.

  • 🌊  Dive deep through 6 powerful modules that guide and support you through a transformative 24-week exploration into spiritual growth and personal metamorphosis.

    ⚕️  I believe in a holistic approach to forging divine connections. It's not just about techniques; we're delving into comprehensive healing across all dimensions of your being. Let's unravel who you truly are to unlock your potent connection to the divine!

    🌟  Each module, has 3 weeks, of valuable lessons that practically clear the path for your spirit work.

    🌙  Unite in Ritual: During the 4th week of  each module, we gather for a live remote magical meetup. Here we engage in exclusive powerful rituals that support the coursework and offer a sacred space to practice your magical craft. I will also answer any spiritual questions you may have, and relay channeled messages from your guides.

    ✨  I will introduce you to  a different deity in each module, a divine ally to support you on your journey. These powerful and benevolent entities open doors to prosperity and bring cosmic aid for your flourishing and transformation.

    🗝️  At the end of each module, engage in powerful  initiations  to accelerate your healing and spiritual expansion. These transformative initiations are the core of this course and divinely channeled to bring out the divine light and leader in you.

    🌷  Each module I also teach about magical materials, plant medicines, oils, etc. to support the energies of the lessons.

    ✨  Initiate's Emporium: I also have a specially curated shop for initiates only. The shop have kits with I personally make or hand select with magical items to support the coursework. These kits have ritually crafted candles, incense, oils, plant medicines, and other more!

    🌿  I also offer some of my own personal recipes for healing your energy centers and strengthening your spiritual channel.

    📖  Book of Shadows: Reflect and delve deeper with thought-provoking journal prompts accompanying each module.

    🧘‍♀️  Bask in exclusive meditations interwoven throughout the course—unveil the deeper layers of your consciousness and invoke your divinity.

    ⚡️  Connect with your spiritual guides, ancestors, and other powerful divinities as you clear your channels to otherworldly support.      

    🔮  Immerse yourself in our vibrant, exclusive community of kindred souls who share your mystical journey. This is a space where we can feel comfortable expressing our fascination with the otherworldly—we geek out on the cosmos and other planes of existence... Stuff that most "normal" folks might not understand. I'm active in this community, and I know anyone who joins can benefit from knowing that we can be open about healing and a lot of the interesting divine/paranormal experiences that tend to occur as we awaken. Let's get weird together!

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