The Calling

Tap into the limitless power of the spirit world

Imagine having access to a vast and intricate network of energies that can help you navigate through life's challenges with greater ease and clarity. Well, you’re already connected to this network. You just have to remember how fine tune your mind, body, and spirit in order receive a more clear connection. Realize that you are not alone on your journey. You have a whole powerful team of ancestors, deity, and spiritual allies just waiting for you to listen to their call.  It’s time to shift your perspective of being separate from the spirit world, so that you may access your fullest potential in unity with divine. This course was designed to facilitate this spiritual shift that will empower every cell of your being.

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Expand to your fullest potential

Why do so many individuals feel disconnected from the divine even though they truly long for something more? The answer lies in the confused and outdated ways that we've been programmed to interact with spirit for many generations. There is also a great perpetuation of fear and highly polarized ideologies bombarding us in mainstream media. It's no wonder the collective is longing for a shift. It's time to break free from these limiting beliefs and start cultivating meaningful relationships with our spiritual allies.

Do you feel trapped in a job that you never really liked? Or in cycles unfulfilling relationships? Do you stress about constantly experiencing lack while carrying  worries about your future?

If you have been feeling the need to connect with something more, if your heart has been guiding you toward a more spiritual and empowered path- this is the call from the divine that will accelerate your journey.

This is more than a course on magick and psychic development. Not only will you learn practical techniques to help you connect with the spirit world in a healthy and intentional way, but you will also be receiving wisdom from soul-activating initiations throughout this course. These initiations will push you through some major spiritual shifts that will empower every cell of your being.

This course offers deeper connection and with this connection flows divine guidance, and support that will help you create the reality that your heart desires.

I have first-hand experience with the many miracles that come into existence through working with the divine, I'm confident that this course can help you unblock channels to tap into the fullest potential of your spiritual connection.

It's time to start co-creating your life with the divine. Join me on this journey and unlock the power of the spirit world today.

Strengthen connections with your spirit team, ancestors, and powerful divinities.

Unlock the power of the spirit world
6 month course starts May 20, 2024

My approach

It starts with clearing a path to cultivate relationship

1. Clearing out what no longer serves

. Outdated programming, fear, resentment, lack of trust, energetic blockages- we all carry many weights that merely take up space and hold us back from our truest potential. Some of these blockages are subconscious and from past lives or even our ancestors. I assist in shedding the many  layers of fear and trauma, so new growth can be achieved.

2. Activating our soul's memories

Learning tips and techniques on magick and psychic development is only a small part of the equation when it comes to spiritual expansion. Throughout the course you will receive powerful initiations that activate every cell of your being. Your soul's memories and gifts  have always been present. Once they become activated is when you truly shine!

3. Making meaningful connections with spirit

As we heal so do our relationships. Not just in the physical, but our divine spiritual connections become reactivated. The more we feel safe and whole, the better we are at trusting our divine gifts and spiritual allies. This allows us to make meaningful relationships that are supportive, and uplifting. We continue to raise our frequency and connect to even more.

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