Magick Au GoGo: The Calling Group 3

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    Rannie Au Gogo
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Course overview
Tap into the limitless power of the spirit world. This powerful course is designed to help clear your channels in order to deepen your connections with the divine. These divine connections bring empowerment and support, allowing you to move through life with greater ease and confidence. This course is more than just a set of lessons. It is a living energy that our divine creator will breathe into each individual who joins us on this journey.

Course Timeline and Important Dates

This is a 24 week (around 6 months) immersive course starting Sept 18th-March 11th.
  • New course material drops every Monday starting Sept. 18th. There will be a break for the holidays. No class: 1/1. We resume on 1/8
  • Every 4th Monday we will meet Live via Zoom for mentoring and ritual.  10/2, 11/6, 12/4, 1/8,  2/5, 3/4
  • All course material, videos and lives will  be available for 1 year, so feel free to go at your own pace.
  • Rannie will check into our course community regularly for support and guidance. 

Student Testimonials

 I am not someone who generally goes for any woo-woo stuff unless I know the person offering the magic is solid, authentic, down-to-earth, and real. Rannie is all that and more, a powerful healer and spirit guide, to say the least. I was first introduced to Rannie from listening to Stories with Sapphire and had an immediate intuitive hit to contact Rannie and get a reading. The rest is history. Since that day I have enjoyed many readings with Rannie, they are always uplifting, powerful, and deeply healing. When Rannie put out the message that she was creating a course called The Calling, I had that same intuitive hit and knew I needed to register immediately. I am so glad I did. Things are moving and shaking in my life in the best possible way! We get to work with different energies and deities, a monthly meeting with the most lovely people, and monthly kits that include the most thoughtful tools packed and created with so much love, I don’t even know how to put into words how special this course is. It has rattled, rocked, and rolled my world into a new level of existence with ease, grace, and joy. I can’t recommend The Calling enough. "
-Arrowyn Ambrose
This class has truly changed my life. I've been working in the paranormal for years as a podcaster and investigator, and had been struggling with my confidence in communicating with spirit - I either always felt like I wasn't "psychic enough" or I just didn't have "the gift." These last few months have completely turned that around. Connecting with spirit is a journey, one that takes time, and Rannie has been an amazing guide every step of the way. She makes you feel completely safe, empowered, and inspired. My communication with my ancestors has grown astronomically stronger. This class is absolutely worth every penny <3 " -Sapphire Sandalo
Having the opportunity to be in Rannie's 'The Calling' course has been a huge blessing in my life, in ways I could have never imagined. What I thought would be just an informational style course on spiritwork and magickal materials, was something that opened up doors in my life. When focusing on the course, I suddenly received so much abundance; job opportunities came to me, I experienced more peace of mind, and miracles legitimately happened and continue to happen in my life. While it's true that Rannie shares so much of her wealth of knowledge with us about spiritwork and magick, this course is so much more and is a once in a lifetime opportunity. What's more, having a community of people experiencing and learning together has been so fun and rewarding and expansive. Would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their lives! .”
-Steph Bulante
 I started working with Rannie about a year ago; doing ancestral healing and guidance. Then I saw she was doing her course, I felt called to join in. I am so happy and proud that I did. This course has been very intense for me. I was holding in so many bad energies. This course has taught me how to release all of it and use it for a greater good. Rannie has taught me to be patient with myself and how to practice the good work. This course has been so amazing and life changing. There is so much to learn. I am forever grateful to Rannie for such an amazing opportunity and for being an amazing teacher and support. Definitely recommend 1000/10 for anyone who feels a higher purpose.”
-Jennifer Vargas
If you’re seriously thinking about leveling up your spiritual game, then look no further and consider signing up for “The Calling.” When I learned that Rannie was hosting a multi-month course, I jumped at the opportunity and signed up. She has put a lot of heart and soul into creating her coursework, which includes videos, PDFs, MP3s, and monthly live meetings. Her guidance and knowledge through this work has changed all aspects of my life for the better. In addition, I feel much more confident in my spiritual practice. If you’re on the fence about signing up, I suggest booking a session with her and/or checking out her YouTube channel where she offers free resources for starting a spiritual practice. I am so blessed to be learning from Rannie along with my classmates. I feel like this is the guidance I needed all this time to unlock my highest potential. "
-Vee V.
The length of this class creates so much depth and breadth--and profound transformation. The material is always engaging and always of substance. The best part, maybe, is the opportunity to be in an (online) space facilitated by Rannie, who brings her wisdom, integrity, humor and compassion to every moment. You don't need to intellectually process every piece of information provided to feel the power of the class wash over you like a deep ocean."-MC
I cannot thank rannie enough. The calling has changed my life and whole outlook on things. Im tapping into intense energy that i had locked away in myself. These courses have put me on such a beautiful and mysterious journey. I'm learning so much about myself and my spiritual path. I cannot wait to see what else this has in store for me as well as my classmates. It's so awesome to have this community of magical beings sharing insight and experiences. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for the same and more. Rannie is an amazing teacher. She is so gifted, knowledgeable and insightful in what she does for her students. "
-Jenal Galvan

 I’ve had a ton of synchronicities and wonderful things happening and I feel I can credit those things to being more open to receiving and perceiving because of the ways I’ve participated in the class. I genuinely feel changed in every way by this course, and I am eternally grateful for Rannie and the work that she does. I feel so much more capable of showing up as my whole self to the world (and all the worlds), I am so much more fearless, I have so much more trust in spirit, the universe, and myself. That’s the condensed version of how I feel, but I genuinely feel like a completely different person, in that I’m several steps closer to who I truly am now.”
-Kat C.
If you’re reading this, then you already know what to do next. Rannie is a powerful force that holds a safe space that gently nudges me to reach my highest potential. I feel so much more connected to all that is around me and empowered to continue the invaluable lessons she has bestowed. Mahalo piha, Rannie!"
-Tatiana Lakalo
I grew up in a family that had beliefs rooted in traditional spiritual practices. But they also had so much fear, shame, trauma, and tons of harmful, misguided beliefs.
In 2020 I had a bone divination with Rannie, which ultimately changed my life and led me to the path I'm on now. On Dia de los Muertos, I connected with my ancestors on a deeper and profound level than before. I ACTUALLY felt my abuela hug me. What Rannie's shared with me, has helped me heal and grow tremendously.
Eventually, I reached what I felt was a plateau, and asked Spirit for something that would lead me out of the darkness I was in; and help me level up (so to speak) in my healing. Rannie mentioned this course, "The Calling" she was starting. I was still feeling pretty low and broken at the time and honestly wasn't sure I'd be able to... but I did feel that it was exactly what I asked Spirit for.
I decided to join "The Calling", and it started at a time in my life when I took a huge, faithful leap in following my heart. The lessons, guidance, and support I receive from Rannie in "The Calling" course have undoubtedly shifted me into an energetic space where I've been able to pursue my dreams. And there are some pretty amazing, and interesting people working alongside me in my particular class.
If you're seeing this, and wondering if you should sign up, that's your first inkling. If you're unsure that you're ready, or even able to (like I was), just talk to Rannie. She'll help you connect with your inner guidance to know. That's really what it's all about. Connecting with yourself and your ancestors and loving guides for a more peaceful and intentional life.
Seriously. Rannie is not only an amazing human, she's also a fun, loving and caring guide. Her hard work and motivation of love shine through in everything she's put into creating this course. She's driven by a strong desire to help others heal. I'm grateful to be a part of it, I'm grateful to know her, and I'm excited for what's ahead. Enrolling in "The Calling" course is the single best decision I've made thus far."
-Tiffany W.

About The Calling

 Embark on a 24-Week Journey to Unveil Your Spiritual Brilliance!
  • 🌊  Dive deep through 6 powerful modules that guide and support you through a transformative 24-week exploration into spiritual growth and personal metamorphosis.

  • ⚕️  I believe in a holistic approach to forging divine connections. It's not just about techniques; we're delving into comprehensive healing across all dimensions of your being. Let's unravel who you truly are to unlock your potent connection to the divine!

  • 🌟  Each module, has 3 weeks, of valuable lessons that practically clear the path for your spirit work.

  • 🌙  Unite in Ritual: During the 4th week of  each module, we gather for a live remote magical meetup. Here we engage in exclusive powerful rituals that support the coursework and offer a sacred space to practice your magical craft. I will also answer any spiritual questions you may have, and relay channeled messages from your guides.

  • ✨  I will introduce you to  a different deity in each module, a divine ally to support you on your journey. These powerful and benevolent entities open doors to prosperity and bring cosmic aid for your flourishing and transformation.

  • 🗝️  At the end of each module, engage in powerful  initiations  to accelerate your healing and spiritual expansion. These transformative initiations are the core of this course and divinely channeled to bring out the divine light and leader in you.

    🌷  Each module I also teach about magical materials, plant medicines, oils, etc. to support the energies of the lessons.

    ✨  Initiate's Emporium: I also have a specially curated shop for initiates only. The shop have kits with I personally make or hand select with magical items to support the coursework. These kits have ritually crafted candles, incense, oils, plant medicines, and other more!

    🌿  I also offer some of my own personal recipes for healing your energy centers and strengthening your spiritual channel.

    📖  Book of Shadows: Reflect and delve deeper with thought-provoking journal prompts accompanying each module.

    🧘‍♀️  Bask in exclusive meditations interwoven throughout the course—unveil the deeper layers of your consciousness and invoke your divinity.

    ⚡️  Connect with your spiritual guides, ancestors, and other powerful divinities as you clear your channels to otherworldly support.      

    🔮  Immerse yourself in our vibrant, exclusive community of kindred souls who share your mystical journey. This is a space where we can feel comfortable expressing our fascination with the otherworldly—we geek out on the cosmos and other planes of existence... Stuff that most "normal" folks might not understand. I'm active in this community, and I know anyone who joins can benefit from knowing that we can be open about healing and a lot of the interesting divine/paranormal experiences that tend to occur as we awaken. Let's get weird together!

Join us for an awe-inspiring voyage of spiritual expansion, divine connections, and psychic development. The Universe invites you to awaken your potential—let's embark on this adventure, blend magick with reality, and let your spirit soar!

Meet the instructor & Guide

Rannie Au GoGo

Hello friends! I'm an initiated priestess, intuitive healer, & psychic medium dedicated to serving spirit & humanity using my divine gifts. I communicate and work with spirit, deity, and the elements in my daily life in order to heal and strengthen our relationships with the supernatural and Mama Earth. Through my work with the divine, my clients and students have experienced deep healing, divine manifestation, and other very profound miracles.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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